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Zoom Guitar Lessons

How do online guitar lessons work? Well, if you are not based in London, or even in the UK, I can still provide top quality lessons through the software application 'Zoom', which can be downloaded for free on your phone, computer or tablet device.


Students will need to double check before the lessons start that they have sufficiently good internet connection and are in a quiet space where they will not be disturbed during the lesson. Zoom lessons cost £20 per hour; to enquire about lessons and book a time slot, please visit my dedicated guitar teaching website and message me via the contact page. Students can also opt for a 30 minute lesson, costing £10.


Like the face-to-face lessons that I provide, I also give personalised notes/handouts that help greatly to aid the learning process. These will either be sent to you via email before our lesson, or during our online class.


If you are interested to get started with Zoom guitar lessons but would like further information, please contact me by clicking here. I look forward to hear from you!

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