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Skype Guitar Lessons

I am happy to say that as of June 2017, I am now giving online guitar lessons by Skype. So how does it work? Well, if you are not based in London, or even in the UK, I can still provide top quality lessons through the software application 'Skype', which if you do not have already you can download for free by clicking here.


For those who would prefer to use Skype, I will give a free 30 introductory lesson in order to not only make sure you enjoy the lesson, but also to test the internet connection, including the quality of the audio/visuals. If everything is in working order, future lessons will cost £25 per hour (payment instructions will be sent privately). Students can also opt for £15 for 30 minute lessons, or £20 for 45 minute lessons.


What I would ask new students to do is to ensure that they have a decent internet connection, and to use a quiet space to communicate with me where you will not be disrupted during the Skype lesson.


Like the face-to-face lessons that I provide, I will also give personalised notes/handouts that will help a lot with the learning process. These will either be sent to you via email before our lesson, or during our lesson through Skype.


If you are interested to get started with Skype guitar lessons, please contact me by clicking here. I look forward to hear from you!


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