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By Josh Lloyd, Apr 7 2017 11:32AM

I am not sure what to think of this... (read this article for reference: whilst new technologies (such as Spotify and other online streaming services) have given us the incredible ability to search for new music instantly, at the same time they have also affected our listening habits (and not for the better I fear). Call me old-fashioned, but I enjoy listening to albums (and especially songs) from start to finish, and I particularly appreciate a build-up of dynamics over a long duration of time. Of course I like fast and short songs too from time to time, but I still need variety! We don't necessarily judge a film until we watch it in full... so why are we not as patient with music?

There is also the question of ownership. When people collect CDs and vinyls, they don't just buy the right to listen to the music whenever they want, but they also 'own' the songs, almost as much as the original songwriters. One feels a sense of pride when they review their music collection, and that is being lost I fear in the era of online music streaming. There has however been a move recently to reconcile with those who still want to 'own' their music (yet have the ability to quickly search for new music), and new online streaming services such as Voltra ( have made positive changes to provide just that. Voltra also gives a much fairer deal to the songwriters, it must be said.

Am I against music streaming in its entirety? Of course not! I use it on a regular basis and it has many, many benefits. I just don't want this technology to influence both the songwriting and the consumption of music too much. The art should always come first!