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Two New Songs by Sweet Conjure. Part of the album Plastic Paradise

By Josh Lloyd, Jul 13 2018 08:49AM

I'm excited to say that I have two new tracks to present to the world. These are songs I have written in collaboration with the new band 'Sweet Conjure'. These songs 'Someone Just Called (Don't You Know)' and 'Impulse' are part of a recorded 10 track recorded album I have been working on called 'Plastic Paradise', which will be slowly released over the next coming months. I'm excited about these songs and I hope you are too ;)

Thanks needed for Unit 2 Recording Studios, UWL, guest musicians Callum Grant-Cawdell and Stuart Bahn, and of course all members of Sweet Conjure. Special songwriting credits for Corrado Macchiarelli and Sandra Suglia.

Mixed and mastered by Nicolas Secretin @ Puzzle Factory Studios.

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