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Josh Lloyd is a music producer, teacher and songwriter from Bristol (UK). Since picking up the electric guitar at the age of 14, Josh has performed in several bands and ensemble groups. In 2016 Josh obtained a Masters degree in Record Production from the University of West London. He is a skilled engineer/producer with knowledge of both Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Moreover, Josh teaches guitar and is always on the look-out for enthusiastic students! Please get in contact for more information (please click here to send a private message) or visit my dedicated guitar teaching website.


Josh Lloyd has an extensive recording/songwriting portfolio and has had the privilege of collaborating with a range of talented artists, including Katey Brooks, Fiona Huang, Sabotage, Lyra Ray, Lady Nade and Pablo Serrano PBSR. He is also currently in a band called Goldust.


If you are interested to collaborate, please feel free to get in contact!


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